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We help businesses to realise the benefits of their IT investments through objective decision making within the portfolio of change initiatives and efficient and cost-effective project execution.

Delivering the Business Benefit

The implementation of a change or the roll-out of a project is the start of the business change process.

There is a shift of focus from project teams to business operations to utilise the new or updated systems and to begin the benefits realisation.

The role of the project (or change) sponsor is critical to keeping focus on adopting the changes and realising the defined benefits.  The business teams will have their focus on the daily operations and needed to be guided through the process of moving to the new systems and/or processes.

As an external partner we can help bridge the transition, keeping the focus on the ROI, the benefits and the success measures of the project.

Business Change

Utilising the business benefit plan that was established during the project initiation phase, we can help to monitor and control through tactical action plans the path towards realising the goals.

As the realisation plan can take weeks, months and even years for large transformation programs, we can help to establish a cross-functional team that will continue to drive the progress of the realisation through to ultimate completion and close.  There may be requirements to:

  • Deliver further training
  • Re-communicate the goals and objectives of the plan
  • Enhance the delivered solution to address issues with the initial design

Technology Support

From a technology team perspective, the implementation of the system, solution or change is the start of the handover period from project team to on-going support organisation.

Depending on the type and size of the change, the on-going support may be absorbed by the existing organisation. 

As part of the initial delivery strategy, it may have been identified that there is an incremental need for a larger support organisation.  We can help in establishing the team  or competence centre, recruiting  additional skilled resources as needed or help transitioning to an outsourcing organisation.